Wow!! Christmas day has come and gone. Don't know why the preparations for Christmas always seem to hold more weight than the Christmas day itself.

Can't help reliving what Christmas was like as a sure was more fun than it is now for me. As a child (like every child) all I ever thought about was my gifts and Christmas meat!! Somehow, my mum's food always tasted differently that day. Now as an adult, the joy of

Christmas is never always complete because of the inevitable fact that one has to worry about tomorrow. I guess (I'm pretty sure) it'll be a lot different when the tiny tots come. It's always very satisfying seeing the smile on every tiny tot's face whenever a present in a shiny colorful box is given to them.

All the same, Christmas celebrations still continue and it's only a foolish man that puts aside the joy of today to bother about the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Wishing you the very best of the season and all that goes with it!!!