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I came across a quiz on what your taste in Music says about you, on Vivien Blackburn's blog and I decided to give it a try. Considering I am a big fan of Classical music I wasn't too surprised with the results. Below are my results



  • Your musical tastes are reflective and complex. (I totally agree!!!)
  • You are intellectual to the point of being cerebral. (this is a perfect and accurate nail on the head)
  • You are very open to new experiences, and even more open to new ideas and theories.(mmmh...nice!! Never thought otherwise)
  • Wisdom and personal accomplishment are important to you.(True)
  • You are naturally sophisticated.(didn't know that)
  • You are drawn to art, especially art by independent artists.(of course)
  • You are likely to be financially well off... and not because you were born that way. (To this I say a big be it!!!!)

So what does your taste in music say about you?

Yesterday Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America.

As an African living in Africa and as a dreamer it was so easy to identify with what Barack Obama truly stands for and represents to millions of people around the world. What happened told (and still tells) me that I can do what ever I set my mind on (not that I ever doubted in anyway.)

It goes a long way to boost my confidence and determination. Many who do not know how challenging being an African is would not understand why so many people reacted (and are still reacting) to Barack's historic step up the way they did.

I do not agree with him in too many things but it does not in anyway prevent me from learning one or two things. As an artist, I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. As an African trying to gain a tiny bit of recognition for my art in the midst of so many other better advantaged artists, there are so many challenges that lie ahead. But like the saying goes "the patient dog eats the fattest bone".... .Like Barack Obama, anyone who dares to dream will one day have his/her dreams fulfilled. It only takes time and determination.

I came across this quiz about how much I knew about Barack Obama and I was shocked at my score? Got 9/10 Questions Right . Yet again what did I expect when the only thing on the news is Barack Obama!!!. Anyway, here's a breakdown of my result:

You are a probably a news junkie, Obama fan, or both. (I will go with News Junkie)

You know a lot about Barack Obama - including his politics, history, and family.

It's likely you're a very knowledgeable person and quite well read.(Impressive)

You can't stand ignorant people, no matter what their political persuasion is.(quite apolitical as I am I believe people should at least want to know the basics about anything)

So how much do you know about the 44th president of the United States of America? Checkhere.

Also check this piece on 510 ways of creatively announcing Barack Obama's victory by

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