WordPress 2.8

It sure does feel good to be back after so long. Had to take some time off to get some things sorted out. And on coming back I found out my WordPress blog was not working quite well. It happened soon after I upgraded to the new 2.8 version. Discovered I could not load images. I contacted HostGator technical support team and it turned out that I was not the only one.

HELP by Nkolika Anyabolu.JPG

Apparently a lot of people who upgraded to the 2.8 version have been having problems with adding images to their posts. I thought of downgrading to 2.7 but decided to do what most people said they did and that was deactivating all the plug-ins and activating them one by one. And luckily I found out the one that was the problem...the category icon plug-in. It's amazing how much help one can get from forums.

All this Internet/Website/Blog stuff's so complicated and confusing that I for one would be helpless and lost without discussion forums and the great Hostgator technical support staff.

In case you are having problems with your blog, here's a great place to get help: WordPress Support

It is one thing to have a Blog or Website; it is another thing to know how to get around the technical side of it all. I must confess that after reading a lot about website creation and design, the one thing that struck home was the truth that the work only begins after one has created a website/blog.

I am thinking about redoing my website, kind of bored with the look it has thus I am slowly learning CSS (only God knows what that stands for!!!). All I know (all I am concerned about) is that it is going to make maintaining my site a lot easier. Because I used the basic HTML to design my site, I have nightmares when I think of making some changes on all the pages. But with CSS, I understand that I can make changes with just some clicks here and there. Again I am no expert, just lucky that I can find my way around the basics.

If anyone had told me that one day I would be talking about websites and blogs; I would have taken it as a joke. But as Lisa of 2 Create a Website and many other webmasters advice:

One must create a website or blog about what he/she's passionate about.

According to them that is the only way you can get the strength to do all that needs to be done and learn all that needs to be learnt.

Have you started a blog yet? What about a website? I think you should think seriously about giving it a try if you can.