Artists I Admire

Sometime ago Sarah Lynch;  a Canadian artist whose paintings of fruits and vegetables make me want to tear my screen off and grab them; gave me a "A Passion for Painting " award.

It was making the rounds and the rule was for you; the recipient; to give 7 artists the award and to state 7 things you like. It's been a while since I got it but nevertheless I have decided to take up the challenge and get down to work.

Since I am a pretty young blogger I don't know a lot of fellow blogging artists, the ones I know have been there for a very long time and I am sure they have gotten these awards over and over again. Some of the artists on my list do not blog but I have included places where you can view their art. My choices are varied in style and subject.

So here I go:

Samantha's paintings are very unique and beautiful. I particularly love her Venice painting.

I was pleased when I read Adebanji's resume and discovered he was from Nigeria and attended the same college I did. When I got in touch with him it turned out we were taught by the same Fine Art teacher. You cannot imagine how happy I was. He has proven through his works that good guidance and encouragement given early in life leaves an indelible mark in every artist's life. His art: paintings, drawings and sketches are unique and tell a story. Despite winning several awards and living in the UK for so long, his works reflect his African roots in a very strong way.

Dawie is a South African wildlife artist and his works are simply breathtaking. His knack for detail is humbling. I find it unbelievable that he sits and paints with just a brush and yet arrive at such an almost perfect result. His execution of Masai portraits's also a must see.

I have never been a fan of water colour until I saw Belinda's paintings. Her paintings are very unique and cool no matter the subject she is tackling.

I love the richness of Carol's paintings. She hardly blends her colors and paints in a very painterly manner.

I have never seen horses painted the way Stephanie paints them. She works mainly with colored pencils. Her love for horses shows in every horse portrait she paints. Her works are must see for anyone who loves animals.

Her use of bright colors is amazing. Her works stand out so much because of their beauty and uniqueness.

Now to the difficult part: 7 things I like (or love!!).

  1. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour and His Mother Mary.
  2. My daughter (the proof of my consummate and unflinching love for my husband)
  3. Quiet time.
  4. Listening to Classical music. Particularly Vivaldi's 4 seasons and Schubert's Ave Maria
  5. Honest and Humble people. Honesty especially when it has to do with my art.
  6. Making friends, though I love playing my cards close to my chest (it's safer that way)

I hope you'll take out time to visit their various websites or blogs to have a look at their works. Now my job is done and I hope I did a good job. It is always good for artists to acknowledge one another and their works.