Etsy Sales: 2 paintings in 2 days

[ad#ad-10]I have sold 2 works from my Etsy shop in 2 days. One to a buyer in Canada and another in the United States. It sure does feel good when I sell a work of art. Not only for the money I get to make but for the fact that someone saw my work and loved it so much as to buy it.

For someone trying to promote her art from the most disadvantaged continent on earth where the resources that come so easily to 3/4 of the worlds' population (who take it for granted) come at a great cost; both financially and physically; selling art online is indeed a feat to be very proud of. And I give God all the glory.

A lot of artists have been complaining about a drop in the number of Internet sales they have been having recently and I count myself very lucky to make a sale (sales).

My sales have been slow to come but I know they will increase over time. I understand it is not easy buying art because not only are they expensive but most times "you" the buyer is almost always confronted by the fact that you are buying from someone you have never met before.

That is one reason why I try to make myself known and I always strive to remove the impersonal nature that creating relationships over the Internet can have. I always encourage my readers and potential clients to go through my resume and biography in order to know more about me.

As an artist, the joy in creating becomes richer and fuller when someone shares in it through your work of art. I encourage you to be part of creation.

I see more and more that my work goes infinitely better when I am properly fed, and the paints are there, and the studio and all that. But have I set my heart on my work being a success? A thousand times no. I wish I could manage to make you really understand that when you give money to artists, you are yourself doing an artist's work, and that I only want my pictures to be of such a quality that you will not be too dissatisfied with your work

Vincent Van Gogh

Photo by Anthony Easton