Pastel Portrait Painting Demo

I am a big fan of pastel paint and I love paintings created with pastel. It is such a quick painting medium that can be used to create beautiful paintings very quickly. And with pastel you do not have to bother about toxic smells and fumes; which is quite unlike Oil paints; which can be quite toxic. See tips on how to use Oil paint.

My love for the medium and its advantages led me to buy a set of pastel paints some time ago but I am still trying to use them (effectively).

This video is a pastel portrait painting demo by the artist: Graciela Bombalova. She creates beautiful portraits with pastels and she makes working with pastels look so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video especially her free hand drawing; it all reminds me why I stopped painting portraits. I often struggled with getting the sparkle in their eyes. I hope you would enjoy it as much as I did.