Christmas Sales

The season of Advent is around the corner and it brings with it the opportunity to show friends, loved ones and family how much we love them.

Christmas Cards by Nkolika Anyabolu

The listing in my shop is for 3 hand painted Christmas cards + 3 envelopes. And they are ALL FOR THE PRICE OF 1!!!!

These Christmas cards are made with #160gsm card stock and the Christmas tree and Mistletoeare painted with Reeves oil pastels and then left to dry. Each card measures 10.5cm x 14.5cm when folded.

They are blank inside for that special message you want to give in your own words and writing.

The envelopes are made with #160gsm card stock board and come in 4 colors: Deep green, Pink Marble, Lemon Green and Red

If you want a message printed inside along with your name and the name of whom you are giving the card(s) to; simply send the details to me and it would be added all at no extra cost.

The Christmas sales is on at my Etsy shop from the 15th of September to the 30th of September 2009. Be part of this amazing offer.