Getting Down To Business

Lone House, Oil Pastel on Paper, 2.5" x 3.5".

Lone House, Oil Pastel on Paper, 2.5" x 3.5".

Just got a new catalogue of art materials from Jackson's Art Supplies delivered to me (Still trying to get used to having my mail delivered to my door step).

I am definitely going to enjoy going through it along with the one from Art Discount.

I am so excited that any art material I want is within reach, all I need to do is say (with a debit/credit card of course) the word and it will be delivered to me.

Gone are the days when I used to go through Art Books and wonder where on earth I am going to lay my hands on the materials listed in the book.

The very first art book I had was Art School which my mum bought from Glasgow and sentto me in Nigeria. I remember feeling so sad that half of the things which were mentioned in the book were not easily available to me.

My frustration got worse when I went to the local market and the biggest shop there which sold Art Materials had no idea what I was talking about. O well, gone are those days. Those early days when I started my journey trying to be an Artist.

I am still looking out for a really good place whereI can get Art Materials online. There are tons of them. I once bought an Artograph projector and Liquitex paints from Art Discount and I was impressed with the way they delivered them. But I wonder if they are really the cheapest.

I would stick with the Jackson's because their prices are quite reasonable and from what I can see in their catalogue, they have a lot more variety.

All the best


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