Wordpress Vs Blogger

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Been trying different things here and there to make my website a bit different and more user friendly. I kind of got bored with the old look (never really liked it anyway!!!). I was glad when I found this current template as I really like the new look it has. I also changed the title from "Art-Devine-Slasher" to "Art By Nkolika Anyabolu M.D" which I feel is more appropriate and specific.

An Artist's Musings
An Artist's Musings

I feel the current look is simple and to the point. Still trying to figure out how to create a seperate page that would point directly to my online art portfolio. I find it annoying that it is easy to get here from my website but extremely difficult to get back without using the 'back' button. It has to do with creating seperate html file and all that, I will figure it out somehow I guess.

I have discovered that I find blogger easier to use in terms of making adjustments and manipulating the designs of a blog. Wordpress is good but I am still to get a real hang of it. I recently updated my other blog An Artist's Musings which is hosted on blogger and I did not find it as frustrating as when I try to make adjustments here.

The Blogger interface (Dashboard) is very user friendly especially for non IT savvy individuals like me who need the easiest option when trying to create a simple yet appealing website/blog.

Nevertheless they (Wordpress and Blogger) both have their pros and cons. They certainly have different feels and looks which I like too.

I was having a discussion about blogging with a colleague of mine the other day as we made our way to an engagement. I was thrilled to discover she was passionate about cooking and had spent the past 5 years reading other people's blogs. I encouraged her to start a blog as it was easy to start one andFREE too!! As a matter of personal opinion I recommended blogger to her for the aforementioned reasons. Maybe in future I would go into more detail about what I like and dislike in both.

I sincerely hope she takes up the challenge because I feel it is a worthy one and I am certain she would enjoy the experience.