Art Storage: Studio Ideas

It is very important to store art away nicely to prevent damage to the artwork. I do not know about you but for me every piece of art is precious. I treasure every painting I produce and I have never disposed of any painting since I started painting. After labouring and pouring your heart and frustrations out on the canvas, there is often a huge problem with how to store them away nicely.

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My Art Studio

Over the years I have used several places/spaces as a painting studio. I started off by using the corner of the room I shared with my twin sister in the late 90’s. I had just discovered Oil paints and I was painting like crazy. I have used the top of the kitchen table, the dining table and a garage. The places used could change but the art stays the same because the artist does not change.

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At Work On My Canvas

Painting for me (and for many other creative people) is a way of reaching out from beyond myself. I feel so much peace when I paint. And there is always an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that comes with every finished work of art.

Spending time with my brush and canvas is not something that happens all the time. But when the opportunity presents itself, I am always determined to make the best out of it. I have never had a regular Art studio...O well except for the room I in when the picture was taken. It was the living room of the house I was staying in while carrying out the compulsory one year service to my nation, Nigeria.

The minute I walked into the house I knew exactly what I was going to do do with the room. That goes to prove that artistsare always planning and trying to figure out where and how their canvas and brushes would fit in anywhere they go.

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Aside from that period, I never had a regular Art Studio. Even as I write this, I use a corner of my living room to paint. I am kind of used to using corners. Some artists paint on their kitchen table others simply make out a space anywhere they find themselves. I've heard some people say that not having a regular studio makes an artist look unserious. O well, I simply do not agree (not because I am one of them!!!!........but because it's the determination that matters). What do you think?

How time flies and how I thoroughly enjoyed having a space I could call an Art Studio. Looking forward to the time I would have a permanent Art Studio.

I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed.

Vincent Van-Gogh