Excited About My Art Prints

Prints of my original paintings are available from just £20 and free UK shipping. They are printed on fully archival 245g fine art paper or canvas using Canon Lucia ink set with a 100 year guarantee. They can also be professionally mounted by a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended framer at no extra cost.

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Butterfly Series

I recently made a series of paintings of butterflies that caught my interest. They are part of the things that have kept my mind (and soul) busy. I have always been fascinated by the lightness and freedom of butterflies. They are so lightweight and yet very beautiful.

I enjoyed highlighting the differences that existed in their patterns. I also made Butterfly cards which are good unique gifts to give a loved one this valentine.

As time goes on I would be adding more of the butterflies here. Currently I am offering free shipping on all the items in my Etsy Shop there you would find different types of paintings made with different media and different sizes.

All the best.

Acrylic Painting: Surreal and Still

ACEO Shakawe by Nkolika Anyabolu 96.JPG

This is from one of the several pictures I took while on a trip to Shakawe, a town near the border between Botswana and Namibia.

There were children fishing in the small pond but I left them out in this painting. Will put them in the bigger one I intend to do someday.

What caught my attention were the reflections the vegetation at the side of the pool made in the still water. I don't know why I am always fascinated by reflections seen in water.

They almost always look very surreal and still. Qualities I long to imbibe.

Finding My Rhythm

Stitch Craft Create

Things have been a bit slow with my blog and the number of times I post has reduced drastically...not that I've ran out of steam or content but just finding the time to post has been very difficult lately. I am pretty sure that I'll soon find my rhythm again.

One of my paintings was featured in yet another Etsy Treasury.  Do make out time to view it here. Make as many clicks as possible and your comments would be greatly appreciated.


Etsy Artists Of Color

I recently joined the Etsy Artists of Color (EAOC) street team and I must say it's really a great place to be. Still trying to find my footing but I know I'm going to enjoy being there.

There are lots of ways of getting in touch and connecting with fellow like minded artists and creative people. It's always pleasing to know there are many creative people around.