Challenges Of Being A Webmaster

It is extremely challenging being a webmaster. Especially in this time and age where changes take place every nano second. As a webmaster one has to keep up to date with the changes and better still one has to maintain his/her website constantly in order to be seen (and heard!). 

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My New Favicon

Just added a new favicon to my blog.

A Favicon is a little custom icon that appears next to a website's URL in the address bar of a web browser. They also show up in your bookmarked sites, on the tabs in tabbed browsers, and as the icon for Internet shortcuts on your desktop or other folders in Windows.

Favicon for Art-Devine-Slasher

I have been trying for ages to do that but I always got confused along the line. Since I started playing around with Photoshop and getting a grip on it, I decided to give it another shot. 

I used the tips from Jennifer Apple on How to add a Favicon using Photoshop. It was quite straight forward and looked so easy. I had to download the Windows Icon (ICO) file format Photoshop Plugin to export to the .ico file format from Telegraphics and I followed her instructions and viola...

Since I use firefox I had to clear my cache and also add the html link

<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

to the header and index page templates of my Wordpress template before it could show.  I have been trying to get it to show in Internet Explorer but no luck yet. Dunno why things are difficult with IE. Initially my blog looked good in other browsers but terribly awkward in IE, now my favicon doesn't show up. I personally do not use it because I don't like it, but my hubby's stuck to it for some reason. I am sure many people love it too. Do you like it? Which web browser do you use?

Favicons make web address look cute (it sure has transformed the look of mine in my browser). There are some web address I hardly remember their names but once I see their favicons I instantly know that that is what I am looking for. I think they are great. It makes websites look more professional. Or what do you think?

This favicon generation site helps you to generate your own favicon for free. All you need to do is upload your picture. Here are some great favicons that can inspire you

I don't know if I am very happy with it yet, I may still tweek it here and there till I get something I truly love. I am loving Photoshop more and more everyday. So many people seem to use it and they produce magnificent graphics with it. I intend to learn as much as I can about it. I will be sharing it with you as I go on. Slow and steady wins the race.

All the best as you explore.

The Joy Of Every Webmaster

Going through my website statistics I noticed that I get a lot of traffic from Google search and one of the search terms was "Acrylic Sunset". I was very elated when I discovered that my blog ranked 1st in Google for the search phrase "Acrylic Sunset" which features one of my acrylic paintings which was listed on Etsy at the time.

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