Nkolika Anyabolu

As a self-taught artist my art is a journey. What I paint is never decided by me but by my life experiences. Every art I produce has a deep meaning which always reminds me of where I started, where I have been and where I am going.

My art is inspired by the pains and joys of motherhood and of living. The death of my father opened a new chapter in my life as an artist because he had always been a great source of encouragement and I found no better way of celebrating his life but through painting.

I work mainly with Oil and Acrylic media. Oil because it is a very forgiving medium and it reminds me that forgiveness is important in life. Acrylic because it requires precision, speed and patience; the very qualities that embody my life as a medic.

From my daily experiences as a GP; my art strives to bring the beauty of love and nature away from the realm of ‘Normal’ and into the shared understanding of human experience.