Hi there,

I guess I can say painting has always been part of me (hidden somewhere!). I started painting when I was around 3 years of age and have always had a flare for the fine arts. My mum tells me as a child, I was always drawing and I always scribbled anytime I got hold of a pencil. If I remember well she once said I used to sleep with a pencil and a piece of paper.

This innate talent kept burning like a hot flame and I ended up being the only female in my fine art class while in high school. Being the only female only propelled me to work harder than my male counterparts in developing my skills; thus from an early stage in life I learnt to face challenges head on. This in a way was good, because as a woman challenges are a constant part of our lives.

Life as a GP is both awesome and draining. I see life differently through (and in) the eyes of the people I come in contact with in my daily encounters. It is oft all too easy to try and solve every problem people present with. No matter how hard I try,  I can never take away all their pains and suffering. As they leave feeling comforted by my words, those words get translated into paintings thereby preserving those emotions for eternity.

I use my paintings to express myself in ways that only colours can convey. My paintings reflect the peace and joy I experience whenever I hold a brush. It is amazing how colours can be used to convey messages and create a depth that uplifts the soul. To me painting is an escape...just the way every patient I meet feels that talking to me is an escape all be it for a few minutes.

I love sunshine, optimistic people, nature, classical music, learning new things, challenges, nice things (must not be expensive!), wearing a crucifix, playing volleyball, spending time with the elderly (they are so full of wisdom).

But most of all I love Jesus, my husband with whom I co-founded 3 beautiful angels, my mother and my family. I live and work in the south coast of England very close to the sea.

See my Artist Statement.

Hanging the Zebra staring straight at the camera on the wall of my surgery has made a lot of difference in my consultations. My patients love it too. You are as warm as your paintings. Well done
— Fran, Westbourne
Nkolika has the incredible talent of being able to capture the life and character of an object or landscape and transfer this into mesmerising and beautiful pieces of artwork
— Becki, Wimborne


A few testimonials...

Dear Nkolika,
Thank you so much for your painting and your kind note! I received them today finally. : ) I see not only beauty, peace and hope in this painting but also dream and freedom! The details and colors used on this painting is just fantastic! I also love different cultures and African culture is one of them! I will find a very unique picture frame to frame up your artwork! You said it means a lot to you that I have interest in your painting. People like your artwork because you really put in dedication and love in what you paint and create.
— Kimberly, Brooklyn,New York