Which road will you take?

I am sure we all have come up to cross roads at one point or the other in our sojourn on earth. The outcome differs based on the road we chose to take.  Oft times the road less traveled is the one with lots of ups and downs and to get to the end you have got to learn to get yourself up, dust yourself up and move on

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Painting of Abiriba Dancers

Abiriba is a town in Abia State, in southeastern Nigeria, traditionally an Igbo speaking region (where I come from). Abiriba is pronounced [/E`biriba`/]. In the old days when wars were fought in order to take over lands or to protect communities, the Abiriba men traditionally performed a dance which is known as the "War dance"

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My art in an Etsy Treasury #2

Here are a few more Etsy Treasuries I got featured in. Etsy Treasuries are a great way to shop on Etsy. They are collections made by Etsy Sellers themselves and includes the stuff they found when they visited other people's shops. We all love travelling and lots of us like taking something home with us ..........

Have you taken part in #TreasuryTuesday ? Did you enjoy it? Let me know the treasuries you were featured in, I would love to see them. Have a look at some more Etsy Treasuries

All the very best :)