Acrylic on paper painting of Giraffes


Acrylic painting of giraffe silhouettes by Nkolika Anyabolu (MD)

Giraffe Silhouettes

20cm x 28cm

copyright Nkolika Anyabolu (MD)

For some time now I've been having a lot of fun and deriving a lot of joy from painting wildlife. It definitely is influenced by where I have found myself......................Botswana.  Botswana hasn't been good to me in a lot of ways, but I have simply chosen to see the good sides of the place.  I keep saying I'm way too young to burden myself with thoughts that will not in anyway make me a better person or make me happy. The bottom line's that I am too young to send myself to an early grave. Needless to say it is always very important to try and see the beautiful side of any where you find yourself.

Coming here opened a totally new chapter in my life. A chapter I was not in anyway ready for (can we ever be completely ready for what life throws at us?). But like a popular saying in my culture that says "a na awachi uwa ogodo"............which means adorning life with beautiful ornaments no matter the circumstances, I decided a long time ago to keep my shoulders straight and walk with my head high at all times. Yeah, like the giraffes in the painting above. If I could get my neck to be that long I would definitely be making a statement to the world around me that I have simply chosen not to be deterred.

What is it that you're going through now?Have things happened that have made your shoulders slouch and made you constantly afraid of looking the world in the eye? Brace up and know you're not (never alone). Like giraffes who never walk with their heads low, may we all learn to stare down adversities and disappointments.

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they must either change or cease

Brett Whiteley