Charcoal Drawing Of A Bostwana Basket Weaver

Botswana Basket Weaver

Baskets are a well known (if not the most famous) part of the craft products of Botswana. As an integral part of the Botswana agricultural culture, baskets have been made and used traditionally for thousands of years.

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These baskets come in different shapes and sizes. They can also be used for different reasons like food preservation or home decor.

Closed baskets with lids are used for storing grain, seeds, and sometimes sorghum beer.

Large, open bowl shaped baskets are used by the women for carrying items on their heads, like tomatoes and for winnowing grain after it has been threshed.

Smaller, plate shaped baskets are used for winnowing grain after it has been pounded or for putting things like trinkets on the shelf (my favorite part!!!).

The main producers of baskets are the women of the Bayei and Hambukushu tribes in northwestern Botswana.

Watching them weave these baskets is a popular hobby for tourists and an intriguing one too. They weave in very unique designs, colors and patterns which are unique. Today, the baskets of Botswana are equal to the finest of art forms found in the world.