African Dance: Oil Painting of Abiriba War Dance

Abiriba is a town in Abia State, in Southeastern Nigeria, traditionally an Igbo speaking region (where I come from). Abiriba is pronounced [/E`biriba`/]. In the old days when wars were fought in order to take over lands or to protect communities, the Abiriba men traditionally performed a dance which is known as the "War dance"

They use very few African instruments including a drummer (who emits intermittent roars) and three dancers. There is usually a star dancer, who is usually the star warrior and he carries war trophies on his head. In the old days, the trophies would be the heads of his victims.

Apart from the bare chests and hairy legs with a strong smell of testosterone which are never lacking during a performance of this African dance; I enjoy seeing these dancers because this African dance is one of the traditional dances for which Igbos are known for and it exudes strength.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I painted it. All the best



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