Acrylic On Canvas Painting: Expectations

Finally 2009 is here.....and it’s here to stay. 2008 was a year that many found extremely difficult and many more found very good. 2008 was not what I hoped it would be (was it for you?). As I sat patiently waiting for 2009 to make its entrance, I contemplated on a lot of things.

  • Am I where I would have wanted to be? No.
  • Have I done all I would have wanted to do before the year ended? No.
  • Did I have a list of things I wanted done before the year ended? No.
  • Am I grateful for the way things turned out? Yes.
  • Do I feel sad that somehow the year brought a lot of pain? Yes (and No)
  • If given the same choice of choosing between the benefit of a presidential job at the cost of separation from my husband and the benefit of building a happy home; would I choose family? Yes
  • When I kneel to pray, do I ask God a string of whys or do I say thank you for everything? Yes.
  • Do I have any regrets? No

There are lots of questions that usually go through our minds whenever the year comes to an end and we find ourselves staring a new year in the face. No matter how hard you try not to reflect on the passing year..somehow nature always makes sure the year flashes through your mind.

Many of us decide to make resolutions (which I gave up on after several failed attempts at keeping to them. Sometimes I even forgot what my resolutions were!!!). Many, like me, choose to sit in a quiet corner and reflect on the journey so far.

As I waited for the right moment to call family and friends to wish them a happy New Year; my hubby opted to go to bed. Hard as I tried to get him to stay awake with me, he saw no reason to stay awake making a statement that got me thinking all over again. He said “It’s just another day”. Is it really? I wonder..... There’s a song I learnt 15 years ago while in high school when we were preparing for a send-forth party for the graduating class. Somehow the depth and wisdom of the song sunk in and has been my prayer since then. The song goes thus:

O I oft sit and ponder

When the sun is sinking low

Where shall yonder future find me?

Does but God in Heaven know.

Shall I be among the living?

Shall I mingle with the free?

Wheresoever my path be leading, Saviour keep my heart with thee.

(The best part) Oh the future lies before me and I know not where I’ll be Wheresoever my path be leading, Saviour keep my heart with thee.

As I hummed it again last night close to 12am I was sure of one thing and one thing only as I was faced with a new year.......and that was I was filled with a lot of expectation. Yeah,

EXPECTATIONS!!!! Lots of it!!

I expect the best and I believe I will get the best. It is a well known fact that we are what we think about every day. Our thoughts go a very long way to shaping who we are. As you entered this New Year did you have any expectations? Were they expectations that things will go well and better or that they will get worse? As you read this, what do you expect this year to be like? For you, your plans, your family, your dreams, and life in general. Unfortunately you alone can answer.

As for me, I expect the best in all my endeavours. I expect to finally get a grip on what “blogging” is all about. I expect to derive more joy and happiness from painting. I expect to spread joy and an appreciation of God’s creative power through my paintings and artworks.

I expect to smile always, no matter the circumstance or situation. I expect to face more challenges and to overcome them. I expect to broaden my knowledge and learn more about art. I expect to walk more closely with God and to abandon myself without reservations at His feet. I expect to reach closer to my dreams.