Painting Of A Village Scene: Step By Step Demonstration

This is a painting I did last year (when I had a sudden flow of painting energy. Not now when all I want to do is sleep!!!...ain't easy harboring a tiny being.). I particularly liked producing this painting because I was trying out a new approach or technique called Imprimatura (i:e painting on coloured canvas).

I had always made it a point of duty to leave myself open to the discovery of new things and to always strive to do something new everyday. Thus when I came across a demonstration by an artist on the art forum to which I belong, where he was using the technique, I thought it'll be fun to try it out.

To read more about how I went about getting the painting done and the colours I used, this exhaustive step by step demonstration would provide all you need to know. There you can understand how I got over my initial fright and ended up enjoying the whole process.

 I hope you'll enjoy watching the video and reading the article.

All the best