You Can Paint Too

Do you like the idea of Painting but feel you can’t get round to figuring out where exactly to start?

Do you want to paint? Do you ever wonder if you could paint? Do you desire to create art but think you need to be an art school graduate? Many of us get the misconception that to be an artist...a successful one at that needs a certificate of some sort. I feel the above notion is wrong. I believe the best way to start is by defining what painting is:



A painting on its own is a work of art that consists of paint on a surface in the form of a picture or design. Painting is easy but yet complicated. It would not be fair giving you the impression painting is all too easy.

There’s no doubt painting has its highs and lows. Painting; like anything creative which involves the use of one’s mind, fingers and sometimes one’s soul; uplifts the soul and adds purpose to one’s life. But like in all of life’s endeavors; hard work, courage and belief in oneself is the key.

You have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. That is probably the most important step when it comes to painting. Yeah, there are people who have got the talent. But you will be amazed at the number of people who are particularly gifted in art and possess the talent but simply cannot put their talent to the test. This tells you that having the talent for painting is one thing and having the guts and confidence to put it to the test is another thing.

I discovered I had the talent for the arts rather early in life. And thankfully I never wallowed in the fact I had the talent but went further with courage to develop it and have been pushing myself further and further in my quest to develop it.  Sometimes I feel really discouraged.  

Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.
— Unknown

A lot of times I feel my paintings are not really worth the while. I guess if I had some form of formal art training, I would feel a lot more confident. But the amazing thing about it all is I have gotten to that point where I have realized there’s no difference in the quality of a painting produced by a formally trained artist and one who has basically learned on the canvas. In my opinion, I feel the truly talented artists produce paintings that belong in a world of their own while most artists with a formal training tend to paint in the same way and lack individuality.

The Art of Painting is one area where practice clearly makes perfect and motivation also has a huge role to play. One thing that has brought me this far, aside from the grace of God is the belief I have in myself and the motivation painting gave me to succeed.

I believe I can excel in whatever it is I set my mind on. The mere fact that I have such strong belief in myself seems to release some sort of energy that keeps propelling me down the path I have paint my heart out and to reach out to the world around me through my artworks and paintings.



It is for whoever makes up his/her mind to learn and to keep learning. If there is one statement I have heard so much it is this “I WISH I COULD PAINT” or “I WISH I COULD DO WHAT YOU DO”.  But when I say you can, I always get the reply “Oh I could never paint” or ”I could never be an artist”.

That to me; is a load of negativism and so long as one has such a thought pattern, he/she would definitely not be an artist or be able to paint. For you to be able to rip the full benefits of being creative and of painting or of creating art; you simply need to believe in yourself. And to believe in yourself, you need to start by reshaping your thought patterns. You have to make up your mind you can do it.

Learning to paint is a richly rewarding and versatile skill which once mastered, can be a source of endless pleasure and satisfaction. Everyone is a born artist. The art of painting is not reserved only for those who have been taught. It is for those who are determined to paint.

I hope you would have the courage to pick up your brush and start today. Believe me once you make up your mind, you would surely experience the beauty, peace and contentment that flows from painting or producing a work of art. I have selected a few Art books which I feel are good for beginners; simple yet enriching.

All the very best.  Always remember your limits can only be set by you.


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