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I have had a really busy week, continually adjusting to my new role as a mother and trying to find a rhythm or balance with regards to my life as a whole. Being a mother and artist along with having a medical career and maintaining an online presence is a heavy job. Just one of those roles is equal to all of them: Being a mother.

Just like every upcoming aspiring artist, to get my art out there I have to work hard at generating an online presence which goes a long way to putting my art out there and making it visible to the world.

Aside from having a website which is very important as it can serve as an online portfolio; there are also the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are ways of going about creating a website without spending a fortune. I found these website resources for artists very useful when I went about creating my website. And I still refer to them from time to time.

I opened a Twitter account last year but had no idea how to use it so I left it which was a very big mistake because over time Twitter has exploded and has become a powerful micro blogging platform and a great source of advertisement. I recently started tweeting again and have found it very interesting. Initially I got lost there but I am slowly getting a hang on it.

I love Facebook best because it allows me to give a personal touch to all my activities. I have 2 Facebook pages there and I am using the networked blogs application to publish my blog posts on my facebook wall. This is a perfect way of sharing blog posts and information.

I will throw more light on how best to use Twitter and Facebook to promote your art in subsequent posts because there is so much to talk about.

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