Change Your Thoughts

Did you know your thoughts shape your life? It is really interesting how much of our lives and destinies are controlled by our thoughts.

Abstract Art- Enigma Series 3 © Nkolika Anyabolu

I understood the power of my thoughts from a very young age and my Catholic background also helped cement the fact the peace that Christ brings into our lives can never be gotten from anywhere else. [Tweet this]

I must admit in my quest to be a better wife, mother, artist, doctor, daughter, friend, colleague and Christian; I have found myself feeling low and down in the dumps. I remind myself

"Do not forget where you have been and how far you have come"  [Tweet this]


I allow myself to be enveloped in a cloud of despair which all stems from the disappointment of not being where I wanted to be or not achieving what I wanted to achieve as at that time.


It is all too human and in a way it is good. But being one who never gives into nihilism, I seem to always find a way of reminding myself believe is always light at the end of my tunnel (no matter how long it is!).

"We need bad times in order to appreciate the good times when they do come." [Tweet this]


As we prepare to say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to a brand new year there may be a lot of things you set out to achieve that have not gone your way and you have been left wondering should I go on or should I stop. I have collected a few beautiful tweets filled with words of wisdom to hopefully help you refocus on your objective and most importantly encourage you not to give up.

This last tweet hopefully would sum up the true meaning of life and living. As we continue on our sojourn on earth may we learn to make the best of what life throws at us at all times.

All the very best



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