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Went for my regular (O well not so regular) walk down my favorite route. The day was cool with gray clouds in the skies and cool winds blowing from all directions.

As I walked and looked around, I was once again reminded about the serenity and peace that engulfs my neighborhood.

The rains are here and the evidence of that is everywhere with lots of lush greenery everywhere along the roads and on trees. Beautiful vegetation that makes you just want to paint on and on.

I strongly wished I had come out with my camera (if it was in good working condition!!). Guess I have to learn to use my phone's camera to capture such images just like Sarah Lynch does. It may not be sharp but it would be better than not having any picture to use as reference for painting someday.


A place where you are one with nature and get very minimal human contact. I love my walks because I hardly ever bump into anyone I do not want to bump into (sometimes I don't bump into anyone at all!!!). In that way I enjoy a lot of solitude and a quiet time for meditation.

I have been enjoying the rains and greens a lot and have been making a couple of Oil on Canvas Landscape Paintings showing the beautiful greens. Would put the pictures up as soon as I can lay my hands on a camera.

Greens and fresh growth signify renewal and the start of new things. Though this year is moving along quite fast it has brought with it a lot of new things and developments. I was greatly overjoyed when my full registration with the United Kingdom Medical Council was finally through.

Thus I am now on the list of Registered Medical Practitioners in the UK and with that comes a lot of opportunities and responsibilities. Opportunities I pray to make good use and responsibilities I intend to live up to.

Just like I mentioned in the post Art or Medicine, I intend to keep both my art and medicine together. Maybe tomorrow I would find myself taking a new route. No one knows what tomorrow has in store.