Excited About My Art Prints

I worked till late yesterday as I was on-call in the hospital. While at work I received a message from my Fine Art printer that my works were ready for proofing. I was just too excited about seeing my works in the form of Giclee prints and greeting cards to consider telling him I would come the next day when I would finish earlier.

Rather I jumped into the car at 2100hrs after my shift and made the 15 minute drive to his show room where I beheld my works. I was so happy seeing the finished products and how beautiful they were that I almost started crying. Getting to this point has been a painstaking journey but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The pain and despair I have felt on my journey as an evolving artist makes this present moment in my life a very beautiful one.

I stood for hours beholding my works and muttering under my breath...did I really do this? I kept asking myself the same question over and over. The joy I felt took away the stress preparing for this exhibition has put me under.

At that moment the fact I had spent more than 1000 quid on the prints and all that comes with the exhibition really did not matter. It was really a wonderful way to end the day after having spent most of the day seeing patients and dealing with pain and illness.

I approved the proof prints, made the necessary corrections and then left him with the instruction to go ahead with the final prints. Slow and steady everything is coming together.

The Giclee Art Prints are now available to buy from my online shop. They are printed on fully archival 245g fine art paper or canvas using Canon Lucia ink set with a 100 year guarantee. They can also be professionally mounted by a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended framer at no extra cost.

All the best