African Drums: Oil Painting Demo Step 2

Today's going to be a great day. Found out there were things I should have put in motion some time ago but have waited till the dying minute to start it off!!!! Dunno why I always seem to get stuck in dilemmas like this.

But like I said earlier, today's a great day...I expect it to be and it will be. I am not willing to let anything weigh me down especially something I can't have a control over. Woke up early...said my prayers and put everything in God's hands. Also asked for my Holy Mother's intercession. I know for sure every thing will turn out well.

Welcome to the Step 2 of the Oil Painting Demo of African Drums. These are drums which were used by an African Dance group during my Traditional Marriage ceremony in Nigeria. I was taken in by the beauty and versatility of the African Drums that I could not help but paint them.

African Drums: Oil Painting by Nkolika Anyabolu

Today I have built up on my sketch. I am using Acrylic as a base for the background so I applied Lemon yellow and Cadmium yellow. For the textured impasto area I am using Ultramarine blue.

I intend to build up the colors in layers with Glazes. Thus I'll be applying several layers of paint in a slow but steady manner. Thankfully Acrylic doesn't take time to dry so it's a quick medium to work with.

For the skin tones I am using Oil paint and have started building it up with Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Orange, Titanium White and a bit of Burnt Umber.

I oft times do not like the way my works look in the beginning but they always turn out differently at the end. Slowly but surely I'll get there.

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