African Drums: Oil Painting Demo Step 6

Welcome to the Step 6 of the Oil Painting Demo of African Drums. These are drums which were used by an African Dance group during my Traditional Marriage ceremony in Nigeria. I was taken in by the beauty and versatility of the African Drums that I could not help but paint them.

I woke up this morning a bit frustrated with myself. Wanted to put up some pictures yesterday but my camera chose that particular time to pack up. It had been showing some signs lately and I feel it's time to get a new one. Never knew one day I would feel so paralyzed without my camera.

African Drums: Oil Painting Demo by Nkolika Anyabolu

Over time I've realized that a camera should definitely be part of every artist's equipment. I go everywhere with my camera...always ready to capture anything that comes my way. Will have to work towards getting a new one soon.

Yesterday was a very beautiful day (aside from having to cope without a camera!!!) because I went for a scan. It was a glorious experience. Watching our tiny tot move around and his/her tiny heart beating so rapidly. It's amazing how God creates and leaves us totally in awe of His mighty works.

My tiny tot has been moving for awhile now and I have been feeling very unsettled lately. I guess it'll take some time before I get used to the feeling of a being moving within me. Aside from the unsettling feeling, it's a wonderful experience. From now on I would be constantly reminded that I'm sharing my body with someone.

I have left out the details on the faces. Trying to keep things simple with more emphasis on the drums.

Still got a small portion to work on. I have been a bit confused with that part because it's not clear in the reference picture I am using. I guess I have to figure out what to put there. But I'm certain the man's holding a musical instrument.