African Drums: Oil Painting Demo Step 3

It's amazing how we start off a day without having a single clue how the day would be. All we have is hope and faith that things will work out in our favor...and at the end of the day it all does.

African Drums: Oil Painting by Nkolika Anyabolu

I was a bit jittery yesterday about having to start off something I was supposed to have started a long time ago.

As much as I tried not to worry about how things would turn out, being the mere mortal that I am, I worried. But as the day came to an end I realized the wisdom in Christ's statement in the book of Matthew: can any of us add a day to our lives by worrying?

The day brought with it solutions to the problems that seemed to be looming over me. It all boils down to one thing, worrying never solves anything. Abandon it all at God's feet and carry on believing that He'll see you through.

Welcome to the Step 3 of the Oil Painting Demo of African Drums. These are drums which were used by an African Dance group during my Traditional Marriage ceremony in Nigeria. I was taken in by the beauty and versatility of the African Drums that I could not help but paint them.

I have continued to work on the background by adding a thin layer of Burnt Sienna and wiping off in some areas to reveal the yellow underneath (still working with Acrylic paint).

For the skin tones I started by working from dark to light, applying the dark mixture (Burnt Umber + Orange + Ultramarine blue)....then putting Cadmium Orange beside it and blending in gently.

Added Yellow Ochre for the light areas blending in gently. Slow but steady.

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