My Best Work Of Art

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I would like to formally introduce my best work of art. Not that I am the creator, I was merely the vessel used by the master artist: Our Heavenly Father. She is the sole reason why I was absent for some time.

She's 2 months old now and I must admit that motherhood is a mystery that I never knew was so deep and fulfilling. 

Anytime I look at her tiny frame and features I'm filled with the same emotions I get from every piece of art I create: joy, happiness, sadness and fulfillment

  • Joy because she is MINE.
  • Happiness because the union betweenmy husband and I is now complete.
  • Sadness because I know the world is cruel and I cannot completely protect her from the cruelty of life itself.
  • Fulfillment because I desired to be used by God to create a new being

Yesterday she received her triple vaccination and she wept the whole day. Never did I imagine that one day I would stand by and watch the one being I would like to protect so much go through so much pain. But it was necessary and is definitely necessary to allow our loved ones to go through life on their own and become who they're made to be. Sometimes it's a great show of love and kindness to let them suffer because you know it's for the best.

One thing I know for sure is that my art would be different from now on. Because I now fully appreciate what life is all about and how much of it is way beyond our control. Now I know the value of enjoying every minute and being thankful for every second that passes by. Now I know...

Grant, O Lord, that my heart may neither desire nor seek anything but what is necessary for the fulfillment of Your Holy Will. May health or sickness, riches or poverty, honors or contempt, humiliations, leave my soul in that state of perfect detachment to which I desire to attain for Your greater honor and Your greater glory. Amen
— St. Ignatius Loyola