What You Need To Start Your 1st Painting

Painting is a very rewarding and versatile skill which can be mastered by anyone who’s determined to paint. I am in no way an expert in the field of fine art. As a medic I appreciate that I am a big stranger in this field but yet again I believe art is medicine and medicine is art.  Still waiting for someone who can prove me wrong on that!



I have always had a passion for the arts and painting in particular. My passion for the fine arts has been the main motivating force in my life as an artist and painter. I have discovered that the more I paint, the better I get; and I know this can apply to anyone else.

Here I would list out the basic requirements for a beginner who wishes to start painting. These are the things I have been using and I find them very helpful.

The materials required to start painting are simple but this list contradicts the complexity of the subject; but you have to start somewhere. Here is a basic list that is by no means exhaustive:

  1. Painting surface (e.g canvas, paper).
  2. Brushes or palette/painting knife
  3. Paint (e.g. oil, acrylic, watercolour).
  4. Pencils (e.g. charcoal, graphite, lead).
  5. Painting media (e.g. linseed oil, liquin, water).
  6. Painting solvents (e.g. turpentine white spirit).
  7. Easel or a table.
  8. A palette (e.g. an old white tile, foil paper, glass or piece of wood)
  9. Eraser.
  10. A positive attitude.

Are you wondering why I included “a positive attitude”? Well the answer is simple. Without it you cannot be a good painter let alone be an artist. Painting’s all in the mind. Quite right, I pored through books when I started painting and they helped a lot. But I know very good painters who never read any book or had a formal education and their works are wonderful. Make up your mind you could do it and you definitely will do it.

I hope you found this helpful. Always remember you can do whatever you set your mind on and your limits can only be set by you. Like I always say, if I can do it then you can do it.

All the very best as you start your very first painting.


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