Oil Painting Of An Elephant: Step 3

In this step I have applied a thin glaze of cadmium red deep hue all over the entire painting. This makes it appear reddish. For the lighter areas I wiped off some paint with a rag. This lets the 1st layer of paint which I applied in Step 2 to show through creating the effect of light.

You can see how the monochrome under-painting I did in Step 1 is adding form and structure to the work.

Oil Painting of an Elephant by Nkolika Anyabolu

For the tusks I have left it unpainted, thus the whiteness of the canvas makes them stand out remarkably.

I have also started work on the sky, background and foreground.

For the sky I used Titanium white and cerulean blue.

For the shrubs in the background I have used Sap green with Prussian blue (for the darker parts).  I blended it in a bit into the sky to create a distant effect and soften the edges. Thus the Titanium white and cerulean blue of the sky also appear in the shrubs.

For the foreground I have used Sap green, Cadmium yellow and Titanium white. To create the effect of distance I made the foreground lighter in the distance.

I have kept everything loose because I want the focus to be on the elephant.

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