Oil Painting Of An Elephant: Finished

I apologize for not posting earlier than now. My mother's 73rd birthday was on the 8th (yesterday) and since she is spending some time with me; I spent the day with her and tried my best to make her day special.

Amazingly my latest attempt at baking turned out beautifully and I was quite impressed with myself. My daughter was confused when I was jumping around the whole house singing happily.

It sure does pay to keep trying and to never give up at anything you want to excel in. I wrote a short note about this under Pencil drawing and it has been generating a lot of comments.

I (and you) was once as tiny as the baby elephant in this painting and my mother was (and has always been) very close by to protect me. Just like the huge mother Elephant shields her precious little one.

As a mother now, I appreciate my mother in ways words cannot express. And the little I can do to put a smile on her graceful face, I would do. I cannot take away all her worries and pains because these are what make life what it is. But I can make her smile and I did. 

I thank God for making it possible for me to do something special for my mother. The day was fun, all her children called from wherever they were around the world and most of her grandchildren sang happy birthday to her.

Now back to our work, we have come to the end of our painting demonstration and it has surely been fulfilling.

To all of you who followed my step by step painting demonstration of this oil on canvas painting of an Elephant right from Step 1 to now: I want to say a big thank you. Nothing gives me so much pleasure as showing you how I paint. Not only did you share in the painting process itself but you also shared in the thoughts and pains that accompanied with it.