Oil Painting Of An Elephant: Step 4

There is a big leap from the painting in Oil Painting of an Elephant: Step 3 which was reddish. That is the beauty of Oil paint and painting in general. You can play around with your paints till you arrive at what suits you best and every brushstroke is magical in its own way.

In this step, I have applied a layer of Burnt Umber with a bit of Ultramarine blue. I have also added a dab of Titanium white around the lighter areas to enhance the effect of light .

Oil Painting of an Elephant by Nkolika Anyabolu

The one quality every painter that uses Oil paint and the Glazing technique has to master is patience.

Unfortunately I am not a very patient person and the glazing technique is one technique I hardly use now. But like I mentioned in Step 1, I enjoy trying out new things and techniques.


Elephants can be black, brown, gray or just any colour that you want to make them. I try not to be limited to a particular colour or look.

As an artist I believe having the ability to create should go hand in hand with a freedom to explore. Great discoveries have been made on the canvas by the masters and I too keep making discoveries each time I paint.

There is never an end to what you can do when you put aside all inhibitions and restrictions and paint the way your soul prompts you. Thus, never limit yourself to what the world considers normal.

I must confess that the best part of making this painting is painting the little baby. She is so tiny and the way she snuggles close to her mother shows the beauty that lies in the security and protection motherhood harbors. I guess that may be why I was so drawn to the image.

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