The Joy Of Every Webmaster

Being a webmaster is not easy, especially when you are one who wishes to excel in whatever it is you are doing.

When I took up the challenge of creating my own website, I was very encouraged by the story of Lisa Irby the webmaster of 2 Create a Website.

One thing Lisa stresses is that the road to creating your own website is never easy and entails a lot of hard work. But she also affirms that the rewards are certain. And indeed they are!!!  I am an active member at her forum Website Babble where I still learn a lot. There is never an end to learning.

Going through my website statistics I noticed that I get a lot of traffic from Google search and one of the search terms was "Acrylic Sunset". I was very elated when I discovered that my blog ranked 1st in Google for the search phrase "Acrylic Sunset" which features one of my acrylic paintings which was listed on Etsy at the time.

Earlier on I talked about my article: Tips on how to use Acrylic paint in relation to Google search. Have you seen it? It is a must read for anyone who is learning to use Acrylic paint.

Such discoveries and achievements give me a lot of joy and encouragement to continue doing what I love and telling the world about it using a platform that is getting increasingly competitive and saturated. It feels good to know that my website and paintings are not swallowed up on the internet. And believe me, this is the joy of every webmaster.

Blogging is exciting. I always look forward to putting up a new post and talking about my latest work or about anything that fascinates me. What excites me the most is that not only is my art being seen by thousands of people but I also get the chance to show people how I create my art.

The level of exposure the internet gives is awesome and hard work is the key at all times because we all have to be on our toes in other to be seen.

I hope you would take out time to visit my Etsy shop and purchase a painting for yourself and/or for your loved one (s).