Painting With Acrylics: How To Paint A Sky

The sky is an essential part of any Landscape. Be it in landscape photography or landscape painting; it often dictates the mood of the composition. [Tweet this]

 How an artist chooses to paint a sky is often down to personal choice and what they are trying to convey through the piece. It can be a very easy process or it can be complicated. 

I used to be so fixated on using particular colours whenever I paint the sky. But it took a statement to change the way I perceived the sky. During one of our outdoor painting sessions in high school, my teacher walked up to me and said “Be free with your colours! Any colour can be found in the sky”.

Though it has taken me time to “be free” as artist. I am learning that there is power in controlling my colours and not letting my colours control me. 

The more I painted the more I pushed myself to observe the sky at different times of the day. The aim of this was to see the colours as they played out in nature. Now Though I am not yet as perfect as I would want to be (is there any perfect artist?).  I have learnt to be bold and daring.

To be able to paint the sky you too have to be bold and daring. You have to learn to be free. Free to explore where it is forbidden to explore. Free to create your own skies. [Tweet this]

I have used the following colours when painting a sky

  • Ultramarine blue.

  • Cadmium yellow deep hue.

  • Lemon yellow.

  • Burnt sienna.

  • Cadmium red.

  • Prussian blue.

  • Titanium white.

It may not be the common palette for painting skies; and some artists may not agree with my palette (That is really the idea! To break away from the norm).  It is what I use commonly and have found it quite interesting.

Of late I have developed a love for Cerulean Blue and I use it a lot now to paint simple clear skies.

The bottom line is being free to use whatever you want in your sky. Try out different colours. Make up your own palette. There is never a mistake in art because every mistake is a design.

All the very best and remember your limits can only be set by you. [Tweet this


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