Art Storage: Studio Ideas

It is very important to store art away nicely to prevent damage to the artwork. I do not know about you but for me every piece of art is precious. I treasure every painting I produce and I have never disposed of any painting since I started painting. After labouring and pouring your heart and frustrations out on the canvas, there is often a huge problem with how to store them away nicely.

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What You Need To Start Your 1st Painting

Painting is a very rewarding and versatile skill which can be mastered by anyone who’s determined to paint. I am in no way an expert in the field of fine art. As a medic I appreciate that I am a big stranger in this field but yet again I believe art is medicine and medicine is art.  Still waiting for someone who can prove me wrong on that!

I have a passion for the arts and painting in particular. This has been the main motivating force in my life as an artist and painter. I have discovered that the more I paint, the better I get; and I know this can apply to anyone else.


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