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For anyone thinking of booking a table/space at a Local Craft Fair and selling your handmade cards or printed greeting cards, a papercraft cards display stand is an invaluable asset to have.

There are so many types of greeting card stands available ranging from those made from metal, wood or cardboard to those which display just a few cards or hundreds of cards.

There is just so much out there; The only problem is that they cost a lot of money. As Crafters we spend so much money buying the things we need for our craft/hobby; that it is almost second nature to always try to save money in any way possible.

While I was getting ready to take part in an outdoor Art Event in Bournemouth  in 2013 I created my own greeting card stand using materials I had around the house simply because I could not afford to pay so much for a card stand.

I wrote this blog post on it and also created this video which has proven popular on Pinterest and has been ranking high in google search results for "How to make a greeting card display stand". Check out my blog post on SEO: How To Be On 1st Page Of Google And Yahoo Search Results .

Overall, I am happy my efforts have helped (and continue to help) some people in their time of need.

For my exhibition/2 week set up at Pop Up Poole, I made another greeting card display stand . Below are some pictures...

I employed the same technique which I used in making the greeting card stand I used during my time at the 2013 Bournemouth Pinewalk Exhibition . The only difference is I substituted the hardboard for a foamboard this is a much more sturdier material and will last much longer. And instead of tapes and glue sticks I used a glue gun

To cover up all the skeletal work and joints I used a decorative sticky paper which you can get from LIDL .

I used a different decorative sticky paper to create this Wooden Effect Display Stand.

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