Challenges Of Being A Webmaster

It is extremely challenging being a webmaster. Especially in this time and age where changes take place every nano second. As a webmaster one has to keep up to date with the changes and better still one has to maintain his/her website constantly in order to be seen (and heard!). 

I spent more than 6 hours yesterday updating my website. I knew very well it needed updating ages ago but the thought of painstakingly updating every page was a huge put off for me and I continued to procrastinate. But yesterday I felt I should deal with it once and for all considering the fact that I am about to take a huge long awaited leap of taking part in my first exhibition in UK.

Having built my website from scratch in 2005 without the knowledge and use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) meant that for any alteration I needed to do had to be done individually rather than the convenience that CSS provides by having to make bulk changes all in one go.

I know I need to learn CSS as it would make my life as a webmaster a whole lot easier; but finding the time (working full time 40 hours a week with 3 children to cater for and a home to manage!) is a big challenge. I once considered hiring a professional web developer to redesign my website but after considering the cost (like £800) to get a good website I decided to forget than option as it was (and is still...) not a workable option.

The image above is a good representation of how I feel. Though I did get round to updating all of the almost 100 pages of my website I know it would continue to require regular updates if I want to be taken seriously.

The joy I felt as a webmaster back in 2009 when I discovered one of my pages ranked very high in google search seems to be a distant memory now but nevertheless I will keep soldiering on and maybe one day I would come across a 10min tutorial on how to design a website with CSS (definitely not something complicated!!).

All the best