What You Need To Start Your 1st Painting

Painting is a very rewarding and versatile skill which can be mastered by anyone who’s determined to paint. I am in no way an expert in the field of fine art. As a medic I appreciate that I am a big stranger in this field but yet again I believe art is medicine and medicine is art.  Still waiting for someone who can prove me wrong on that!

I have a passion for the arts and painting in particular. This has been the main motivating force in my life as an artist and painter. I have discovered that the more I paint, the better I get; and I know this can apply to anyone else.


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How To Use Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile paints around and is simply awesome...but it is also notorious for drying up very quickly. This can both destroy your brushes and lead to the wasting of your paints.Unlike using Oil paint, for you to use Acrylic paint effectively and to get the best out of it you need some tips to guide you.

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Video demonstration of the Oil painting of an Elephant and baby

Just made this video and uploaded it unto my new channel: Art by Nkolika Anyabolu. YouTube is looking very different now. There is this new design called "The YouTube One" design and it feels and looks very much like Facebook with page updates and new posts. I kind of like the old look....maybe I am being a bit old fashioned!!

Nevertheless, I would like to invite you to watch this belated video of the Step by step demonstration of the Oil painting of an Elephant and baby.

I did this painting a while back and wrote several posts with regards to the steps and the materials I used. Somehow I never got round to making the video. It was fun getting to make a video after such a long time.

I have always loved this work and as a mother it evokes a lot of emotion in me.

The original painting was displayed for public viewing for the first time at the Pine Wallk Art Exhibition in June, 2013. There are also greeting cards and prints on original art paper available to buy from my online art store.

Please feel free to leave your comments as these would be highly appreciated. You can also subscribe to my Official Youtube channel to stay informed as new videos are uploaded. To see the full article on how I created the painting along with materials used please see Step 1 here.

Pastel Portrait Painting Demo

This video is a pastel portrait painting demo by the artist: Graciela Bombalova. She creates beautiful portraits with pastels and she makes working with pastels look so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video especially her free hand drawing; it all reminds me why I stopped painting portraits. I often struggled with getting the sparkle in their eyes. I hope you would enjoy it as much as I did.

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Oil Painting Of An Elephant: Step 5

So far I have been demonstrating the painting of an Elephant on primed 16" x 20" canvas using Winsor and Newton oil paint.

Oil Painting of an Elephant by Nkolika Anyabolu

The technique I am using is the Glazing technique. See the different types of Oil Painting Techniques.

I started in Step 1 with a charcoal sketch and monochrome under-painting. This formed the basic structure or skeleton of the painting.

In subsequent steps from step 2 to step 4, I carefully built up the painting with the application of thin layers of paint on one another after leaving each previous layer to dry.

In this step, I have continued to touch up the painting by enhancing the darkest areas (shadows) with a dark tone which isa mixture of Prussian blue and Burnt umber. I also used the same mixture to outline the creases and wrinkles on the trunk and legs.

For the tusks I used a mixture of Titanuim white + Yellow ochre to produce an off white colour.

Oil painting of an elephant

I also added the grasses in the foreground. For this I used a size 0 round brush and a mixture of Sap green + Prussian blue for the darkest tones. For the lighter tones I used yellow ochre and a bit of cadmium yellow and painted it in while the paint was wet.

For the grass in her mouth I used a mixture of raw sienna + Sap green and a bit of Titanium white.

There is a smoothness to the painting which is characteristic of glazing. This is quite unlike the alla prima technique I used to paint the African drummers.

The Alla prima technique is faster to use and the paint stays fresh with rich brushstrokes. Each technique has its beauty and they all produce awesome works of art.

Every artist has a signature style which often takes time to discover and entails trying out different styles on hundreds of paintings.

I try out different techniques and though over time I am inclining more to a particular technique; I still continue to explore